Education and Inspiration

Meadow Dove Lang

Registered Massage Therapist

Certified Yoga Teacher

BodyMind Coach

Meadow Dove Lang has been practicing massage therapy for more than 20 years.  She graduated from the 3000-hour program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy (Vancouver, BC) in 2001.  During that program, she learned a wide variety of modalities, such as Myofascial Release, Swedish massage techniques, NeuroMuscular Release, Lymphatic drainage, CranioSacral Therapy (including Visceral Manipulation), Joint Mobilizations, Orthopedic assessment, Remedial Exercise, Hydrotherapy, and much more.  She has taken post-graduate studies in a number of topics, including Dermo-Neuro Modulation, Feldenkrais fundamentals, Trager Therapy and Mentastics, and also furthered her education in anatomy (especially related to fascia), pain science theory, and women's health.


After discovering the benefits of yoga during her years at massage therapy school, Dove completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in 2009.  Her studies encompassed all eight limbs of classical yoga, including asana (physical poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation.  Her approach to yogasana is informed by her rigorous studies in alignment to maintain safety: preventing injuries, and helping yoga to be accessible no matter the level of physical fitness/ability.


Dove has a personal interest in Ayurveda (yoga's sister science), as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is confident these ancient teachings are still very relevant today.  Embodiment practices, trauma-informed tools for recovery, and discovering other ways to bring the body & mind into balance also feed her appetite for life-long learning in the realms of self-care and healing.


Following a desire to empower you on a higher level than ever before, Dove has expanded her repertoire and education, to be able to serve and support you in ways that are not limited by physical location. She studied and trained in the BodyMind Method (with Laura Wieck & team), and is honoured to work with you as a Life Coach ~ helping you navigate one step at a time, to move from stress and pain to joy and authenticity. Building upon decades of learning the language of the body, now combined with tools to integrate its' teachings with the power of the mind and the wisdom of the heart, Dove is thrilled to offer you her most comprehensive level of care yet! This truly transformational modality yields benefits that last a lifetime! Curious to learn more, and discover what this might look like for you? Are you ready to "level up" feeling fulfilled in your life?Contact Dove to book a free chat!


Dove is in awe of the power of the innate healing abilities of the body & mind.  She is blessed to support your individual inner capabilities to shine forth. This can be a very enjoyable & rewarding process :)  While honouring there can be times of challenge amidst growth & healing, she advocates we banish the idea of "no pain, no gain" ~ when we (re-)align (and reconnect with) ourselves, the results can be blissful!  Dove aims to create a safe, supportive environment for this nurturing integration to unfold with ease and grace.


Dove has a special interest (hobby) in photography.  Please contact her if you would like to see more of her photographs, which generally focus on attempting to capture Nature's magnificence.


Having spent most of her life on the West Coast of Canada, Dove has been living on Mayne Island since 2003.  She was lured to live nestled in nature, and is rooted to stay because of the wonderful community (including the wildlife of course).  While she loves meeting in person, she is also grateful for the magic of technology to help us stay connected (expanding what "in person" looks like) wherever we live.  She loves eating from the garden her husband Mike so lovingly tends, riding her electric-assist bicycle, dancing, playing in the ocean, and soaking up sun sets/rises.  She regularly supports charities both locally and globally ~ it's up to us to make a difference!

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