• Inner Light Gratitude Gift


    Even in the darkest of times, there is light within each of us :)


    I have thought of recording guided visualizations to share, for years.

    I finally decided to let go of my need to "get it perfect" (Yay!) and successfully recorded myself early this morning, after my regular pranayama and meditation practice. As I sat on my front steps, the wind was my companion amidst the pre-dawn quiet - can you hear the gusts? I could also hear ocean waves stirred up by the wind, but I don't think my microphone is quite that sensitive...

    I also considered searching the internet for the "perfect picture" to accompany this, and decided instead to include a simple one from my home to you. I hope the heartfelt nature of my offering lands with you.

    What gift do you have, waiting to be shared with the world? Can you let it be messy, and invite ease to flow?

    Thank you for receiving my imperfect gift ~ I hope any "flaws" (am I singing in or out of key? I don't know, Lol!) simply highlight my humanity, and help give you permission to share your genuine gift(s) with the world :)


    Click here to listen!

    PS ~ I'd love to hear any feedback you feel inspried to share! Please click "comments" to add your thoughts - Cheers!

  • Taking a moment to recharge

    I invite you to join me for a story of discovery, of reconnection, of joy...

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a mile-long to-do list? Feeling the weight of various responsibilities resting heavily on your shoulders, anxious at the thought of not being able to do all the things that need doing, and already so tired you want to give up before you’ve even started?

    The other day, I was doing my best to diligently get through the list I had given myself.  Recognizing it was Sunday (the day I usually like to embark on a “Sunday Stroll” in nature), I had set a time-goal for myself to go for a walk, amidst other items on my list. When the time came for my walk, I still didn’t feel like I had made enough progress on my other tasks to be able to “reward myself” with the walk. I rationalized I’d enjoy my walk more if I spent another hour getting through more of my list. As I continued to plow away under the influence of my taskmaster, the space for my walk evaporated as the clock showed it was time for another pre-determined duty.

    In a burst of what felt like temporary insanity, I raced out the door to salvage what I could of a nature walk (bumping my next item “just a bit” later, figuring that going for even a small amount of nature time would refresh and help me focus on my next endeavour more effectively - I’m so glad I listened to that voice!). I sometimes have a battle of wills between being obedient to my taskmaster, and going on strike (usually to do something fun and/or “frivolous”). Perhaps a dialogue between my head and my heart? Between "should" and "want"?...

    To really make the most of my shortened nature walk, I decided to focus all my attention on my surroundings: soaking up the sights, smells, sounds, and feelings of being immersed in nature. The sun had come out from behind the clouds, the tide was high, and I was the only one at the beach. I waded into the water, and thoroughly enjoyed the ocean’s caress (almost a sting, really, from the chill - but a gentle nip at that, Lol), along with making sure I wasn’t stepping on any unsuspecting crabs underfoot. The sun’s light dappled on the gentle rippling waves, and I eagerly filled my lungs with the salty air.  The light on the water reflected on the trees that stood at the shore, and I enjoyed imagining the secret realm of the tiny bugs that buzzed within their branches’ protection. I listened to the sound of the water lapping the pebbly shore, and the seabirds that occasionally flew nearby. I was captivated by the ever-changing vista as the sun and clouds sashayed across the sky, taking turns who was “on top”. Every time the sun beams hit my face, I relished their late-afternoon warmth. I felt my shoulders begin to relax away from my ears, and a spontaneous grin took over my face. I was rejoicing to be experiencing a moment of bliss, and as one moment gave way to another moment (and another, another), I settled into the Present as a gift. Ahhhhh...

    When I felt complete, that I had enough of a walk to feel myself “reset” to a more calm and content version of myself, I started the return journey. I felt rejuvenated, and ready to meet the rest of my day. My breathing was full and the air felt sweet. I was restored.

    Finding myself back where I’d started, I checked the time and found (to my surprise) that only half an hour had elapsed! I could hardly believe I experienced such a shift, in such a short amount of time! For me, it was an excellent lesson that taking time for my own self-care needn’t take long to feel thoroughly revitalizing! Hallelujah!
    I re-solidified my commitment to carve out (and guard, protect, honour) time for acts that nourish my soul, and prioritize regular self-care - this keeps my internal happiness battery charged, which in turn helps me find delight in the tasks on my list (and anyone I may encounter along the way), with grace. Amen.

    I am so grateful when life presents us with lessons to help us recognize experiencing joy is not only possible, it’s closer than we may think!

    Would you like to share an “a-ha moment” you’ve experienced, in regards to prioritizing your own self-care? How did honouring yourself in this way help others?

    I welcome all respectful comments below :)

  • Strolling Under the Skin

    For your viewing pleaseure...

    Here’s a groundbreaking video, that shows an amazingly close-up view of some of our internal structures (fascia, etc) ~ skip to 16:43 and 23:00 to view examples of the beautifully transformative quality of our connective tissue, in vivo.

    In my experience, the most long-lasting and effective ways to work with the fascia involve patience ~ following it as it unwinds/releases/re-organizes itself ~ this process can’t be rushed.

    Warning: this video contains real-life images (literally, under the skin), so may not be appropriate for all viewers. Personally, I belive the images of our internal structures quite beautiful.


    PS - The image in this post is somewhat misleading, as it shows the fascia that surrounds the muscle as distinct from the bone. In truth, the fascia surrounding (and throughout) the muscle is continuous with the periosteum (the fascia that surrounds and penetrates the bones). The tendon  (which isn't really shown in this image) is made up of all the connective tissue that runs longitudinally through the muscle (rather than being a separate entity). Our bodies are an amazing interwoven network!

  • Coming soon!


    I will be posting more information here soon ~ stay tuned!

    Thank you :)

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