• Inner Light Gratitude Gift


    Even in the darkest of times, there is light within each of us :)


    I have thought of recording guided visualizations to share, for years.

    I finally decided to let go of my need to "get it perfect" (Yay!) and successfully recorded myself early this morning, after my regular pranayama and meditation practice. As I sat on my front steps, the wind was my companion amidst the pre-dawn quiet - can you hear the gusts? I could also hear ocean waves stirred up by the wind, but I don't think my microphone is quite that sensitive...

    I also considered searching the internet for the "perfect picture" to accompany this, and decided instead to include a simple one from my home to you. I hope the heartfelt nature of my offering lands with you.

    What gift do you have, waiting to be shared with the world? Can you let it be messy, and invite ease to flow?

    Thank you for receiving my imperfect gift ~ I hope any "flaws" (am I singing in or out of key? I don't know, Lol!) simply highlight my humanity, and help give you permission to share your genuine gift(s) with the world :)


    Click here to listen!

    PS ~ I'd love to hear any feedback you feel inspried to share! Please click "comments" to add your thoughts - Cheers!

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