• Strolling Under the Skin

    For your viewing pleaseure...

    Here’s a groundbreaking video, that shows an amazingly close-up view of some of our internal structures (fascia, etc) ~ skip to 16:43 and 23:00 to view examples of the beautifully transformative quality of our connective tissue, in vivo.

    In my experience, the most long-lasting and effective ways to work with the fascia involve patience ~ following it as it unwinds/releases/re-organizes itself ~ this process can’t be rushed.

    Warning: this video contains real-life images (literally, under the skin), so may not be appropriate for all viewers. Personally, I belive the images of our internal structures quite beautiful.


    PS - The image in this post is somewhat misleading, as it shows the fascia that surrounds the muscle as distinct from the bone. In truth, the fascia surrounding (and throughout) the muscle is continuous with the periosteum (the fascia that surrounds and penetrates the bones). The tendon  (which isn't really shown in this image) is made up of all the connective tissue that runs longitudinally through the muscle (rather than being a separate entity). Our bodies are an amazing interwoven network!

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